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From Ubuntu Curacao to Ubuntu Universe

What a leap in time, in space and in energy! It feels like many light years away. Believe me folks today is exactly 6 months on the date only that I started my sabbatical journey into the world.

Also it’s only one year ago that you read this message on our site and facebook page:

Beloved Ubuntu Friends & Clients,
In life it is of great importance not to miss out on opportunities to grow in all aspects of ones existence. It keeps you fresh, sharp and alert to shift gear, move away from your comfort zone, and invite change, adventure and freedom.
We have been presented with a great opportunity to let go and move forward. Joyfully and with courage we embrace this new direction.
As of today till July 31st 2014 some major exercises will be set in place in order to dismantle the Ubuntu Wellness Center in its present form.
The reason for this Big Shift and everything that follows, is documented to inform you in Cheraldine’s Chronicles on the Blog page www.cheraldine.com, also accessible on our website: www.ubuntucuracao.com

What happened next, what became of us and where are we now and how can you reach us. All this information will be disclosed to you in the next posting of Cheraldine’s Chronicles.

Love, Laugh and Live,