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Sometimes we do not have to worry how things will get done, but we just have to believe and have faith that the task will be accomplished. That`s exactly what happened with the big adventure to move the Ubuntu Wellness Center out of  it’s location at the St.Rosaweg 23.


Even though a lot of plans were made beforehand and we thought the help of 4 persons would be enough. Nope! This was not the case. So angels were sent in by the Universe in the form of friends, clients and even passers by. We are so grateful for this, otherwise this mega task would not have been feasible in the time frame we had till July 31st.


All operations of the Ubuntu Wellness Center have seized for the moment as we still have no adequate or affordable place to conduct business. For further details please refer to the previous blogs or give me a call at 561 1008 in order to assist you properly.


People ask me what are you doing now? First of all, there is a lot to handle of when you ran a center like Ubuntu. Utilities, bills, clients admin have to be dealt with next to attending the inventory and of course planning the future.


But I realized all this is small stuff, the bigger things are what I am really dedicated to now.

1. resting

2. swimming

3. socializing

4. recharging the body

5. nature gazing


Throughout this post you see the picture of these chuchubi’s starting their life on planet Earth. Do you remember how small they were only last week? Look at them now!


Watching them I realized I am also starting anew. A new beginning, a new start just like these little birds still in there nests but aspiring to fly into the new unknown world.


We all have the chance to start anew time after time again. Unfortunately most of us will not realize the power of a new beginnings, new adventures. We want to hold tight to the old and the known. To each his choice. I like the new beginnings and will enjoy every minute of it. I have faith that it will carry me somewhere good, where there is love, new possibilities to learn new things and I can spread my wings, just like these young birds, into the world rendering spiritual service. This upcoming week it’s Aruba time. Prana Aruba here I come!


Love to hear and read your thoughts and comments. Please feel free to react below. Have a great week. Best regards, Cheraldine