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It’s unimaginable how some people moved house or business so many times in their lives. What a horrible exercise! However I twist and turn, plan and plot, scream and shout, the clock ticks forward, the boxes are never ending in contents and I seem so far away from the goal: to deliver the house keys on July 31st 2014 and head over to the sea to relax. How difficult could this be?

Chaos 101 013

Just tossing some stuff together is not the solution as you may never find them again. So plan B, sort stuff out: throw away, give away, sell and keep. A no brainer, but oh so time consuming. I rather walk the 4 day marathon of Nijmegen! So back to plan A, just toss it all in a box!

Certain milestones have been accomplished during this last week here. The Ubuntu sign finally shredded away just in time to be taken down: Mission accomplished!

birds 003

In the midst of all this turmoil the birds found a way to built a nest and bring babies into the last days of Ubuntu. A nice token of confidence and farewell sign. Viva our birds!

birds 014

A sincere thank you to all who helped with this project, participating in mind, body and soul. Supporting an endeavor that was once a dream and than became reality. It was a very enjoyable rough ride on rocky roads surrounded by beautiful scenery.

birds 019

Do you have funny stories related to your experience here at Ubuntu? Please send us your comments here below; we would love to hear what you have to say.

birds 024The Sky is the limit!