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The word: Chaos is defined in several respected dictionaries as a state of extreme and complete confusion and disorder. The synonyms describing this same meaning of this Greek derived word are plenty: disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, havoc, turmoil, tumult, commotion, disruption, upheaval, uproar, maelstrom; muddle, mess, shambles, free-for-all; anarchy, lawlessness, entropy; hullabaloo, hoopla, train wreck, all hell broken loose.Chaos 101 013Well this is exactly how you can describe our situation here at the Ubuntu Wellness Center. Except for our treatment room and the Laughter Yoga hall (at times) every other space is in the above mentioned state of CHAOS.

Although chaotic by nature I need to see some order in my workspace and this is just NOT in the stars for the days to come. I just needed to accept this fact, or take the highway bare naked screaming and mumbling incoherent words till I reach the C-clinic, where I would be welcomed with some super strength calming injection cocktail.

Combine this state of events with the almost numbing influence the football matches has had on all activities and people of this island, you can easily imagine how pulling out ones hair can belong to the symptoms of a mind in trouble.Aruba and Fathersday 002Oh , did I forget to mention that it’s also Full Moon ! The picture is now complete. I am almost going Banana’s, Bunker’s, Looney, and Coock-Coock in this last portion of this moving project.
Thank Heavens for my Hasya (Laughter) Yoga training. As a teacher you learn to stop craziness right in its tracks by immediately switching over to something super fun. It need not take long 5-10 minutes will do the trick.That is exactly what I did today.

Chaos 101 007
After hours of sorting out kitchen and bathroom cabinets, hundreds of cds and DVDs I came to a point I would have head-out to the main road, leave my friend, who calmly goes from box to box behind, and run away…leaving no trace….but just in time I was saved by …guess again?

Yes, a big box of multi grain flower I bought long time ago for my Kibra Bus (Curacao pastry) or Drigidek (Aruba pastry) recipes in which my goal was to bake one of these strange name pastries just for fun.

So I pulled up my sleeves dove into the kitchen and 1 hour later.. here they are….!

Chaos 101 009After this simple and fun intermezzo, all came back to normal, my name was tranquility. Boxes were filled, labeled, and sealed. The rooms were swept and mopped and there was ORDER! Till the next day. When I could start all over again with Chaos 101…..