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In the three years that we have had the Ubuntu Wellness Center here at the St. Rosaweg, especially tourists have been amazed to see the amount of edible material we managed to grow around the house. Although the greenhouse stood central delivering celery, tomatoes and cucumbers, but definitely the prize for loyal all year round delivery of edible roots would have to go to all the Cassava bushes.

Ubuntu Greenhouse

Ubuntu Greenhouse

More than 100 kilo’s of this potato like delicacy was harvested over the years and turned into soups, stews, sweet bakes, and even drinks. We sold the cassava and also gave some away.

Montgomery and Smiley at work

Montgomery and Smiley at work

And here's ...the Cassava

And here’s …the Cassava

Montgomery George Maynard, our multi talented gardener knows the Cassava or Yucca plant very well from his days back in the fincas of Venezuela. Even with exact timing for when to harvest the yucca, rats will get to the plant roots first and eat their bellies full.

Beautiful fresh organic Yucca !

Beautiful fresh organic Yucca !

Anyway,  we did manage to get at least 25 kilo’s worth for our own bellies. After sharing some with friends and family, the rest will be processed into cassava pizzas, macaroons and of course the stellar Ubuntu Cassava Coconut Cake. This to celebrate the last use of our industrial oven, which produced time after time, nice dishes for our nourishment.

Nafisah's Aloe Garden

Nafisah’s Aloe Garden

With euphoric enthusiasm Montgomery dogged out our Aloe Vera and Pineapple plants. So operation garden completed ! With 3 more weeks to go, what is next on the long long list of things to do?

Ubuntu Pineapple's

Ubuntu Pineapple’s

Another Porch Sale of course! We will stock the tables with 1 guilder kitchen items, books, etc … The weekends of 12 /13 and 19/20 of July. The less we have to pack the better…….so you are cordially invited to visit our Porch Sale or leave a comment after reading this blog.