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Just 30 more days to go before we need to leave the current Ubuntu building. It seems like a race against the clock indeed. Whenever I think we are ahead of schedule it turns out we are behind! A few days of sudden rainfalls dismisses our time table all together and postpones outside chores urgently awaiting clearance.

Past weekend we kept a big porch sale again and finally I am starting to see a little dent in the huge amount of stuff scattered all over.

Stove 001

Pack a few tables with beautiful things on them. Guess what, folks will look in the boxes underneath the table with broken things and claim these as their prize possession!

Stove 007

Still, the big things need to go better sooner than later. But, who can not like this fantastic stove, or 51 inch home theater and of course Indonesian wooden tables and so on an d so on…….Next Porch Sale is on July 2nd Flag Day from 9 am to 3 pm. I will make sure the tables are full again. Little stuff for little money!


Until we are neatly packed and ready to move time is short even to sit and think which future options to evaluate, who to work with, where to live.

Just a little preview to calm the Face Book anxiety posts:  I am NOT leaving for Aruba! How’s that for a Monday start the week surprise?

If you do read these posts of mine and have any questions, want to book a treatment, come to Laughter Yoga Class on Tuesday or just leave a comment, please contact me asap as the clock is ticking…………