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I can not remember to which period of art the thought of beauty in decay belongs, was it the Renaissance, the Baroque or Rococo? I must be mixing era’s and architectural styles together but doing some art research way back I read about artists who in there artistic existence were fascinated by decaying fruits, with here and there a worm coming out of the apple.Fish 008I never understood that until just now. Slowly breaking down the Ubuntu camp here at the St. Rosaweg also has a beauty to it. Of course there is e sense of clinical sterile emptiness and quiet sadness, but it’s all still so beautiful. I am appreciating everything I see more.

Fish 004 The tribe of birds flocking in the flower trees in the early morning, the huge iguana looking for a hiding place, the ever hungry Tilapia fish and of course our home mascot Smiley dancing salsa in the yard.

Smiley 047
The whole totality and parts of this whole are beautiful even in there last sigh of breath. The sweet fermented scent of the field of big mango’s never willingly shared by the neighbor in the 3 years we craved for them. Smiley 004The crumbling “Wellness’ on the Ubuntu sign, the empty spaces in the garden, it’s all very beautiful in a way.

Smiley 005So folks I leave you with this thought for the week: All is Well, All is perfect. Have a great week regardless of which team wins the football match! Remember this Tuesday 6.15 pm we have our Laughter Yoga Class inside in a very cozy atmosphere, come and join us!Fish 011And make sure not to forget our huge Porch sale, book fair,  African art and musical instruments sale this Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 15.00. Be there, good stuff and good prices.Smiley 049