Ubuntu Wellness Universe

where we bring people together for Unity in Diversity

Porch Sales are amazing gathering places to meet nice people, poor people, rich people, cheap people, and generous people. It’s even an opportunity to make friends, get good tips, learn new cooking techniques, get free legal advice, laugh, share information, get a dog sitter, laugh some more, exchange phone numbers and become business associates and even friends.


Most of all Porch sales are gatherings to study the human species in its natural habitat, interacting with fellow specie members or as a couple.

Here is a Porch Sale couple’s case study:

Wife: I like this, what do you think husband?
Husband: You like it, than buy it!
Wife: Yes I want to, but it costs 5 guilders.
Husband: 5 guilders!
Wife: Expensive right? It’s antique but still.
Husband: How old would this be? At least 50- 70 years.
Wife: Yes it’s beautiful, one of a kind, but 5 guilders!
Husband: Ask her if she will sell it for half price.
Wife: We better buy it, there’s another lady looking at it.
Husband: Grab it fast, we had it first!
Wife: Yes, yes I will pay fast.
Husband: Ask for a discount!
Wife: I asked, but she laughed at me.
Husband: Anyway give her the 5 guilders.
Wife: I did, l got it.
Husband: Let me get the Mercedes Benz inside, otherwise it will be too heavy for the two of us to carry. Maybe she can help us carry??

Hahaha, very hilarious situations that bring joy to the- letting-go moment.

And most certainly Porch Sales are major opportunities to clean house, throw old stuff away and clear the energy!


My goodness, why oh why do we have so much stuff, things, nicnags? It’s never ending. So, here are the piles I made: Stuff to throw away, to give away, to keep and to sell. Just like our beautiful Green House here now for sale.


Can you think of any other pile I can make? Be my guest and let me know, as the clock is ticking and the Ubuntu Wellness Center must be out and away by July 31st 2014.


Besides the kitchen all other Ubuntu activities are going on as usual. Laughter Yoga will have a new space inside, massages and other treatments are daily ongoing. If you do not get us by phone as we are all around in the garden, please send us a mail. Have a great week! Cheraldine